GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Flaw Detectors
Corrosion Thickness Gauges, Hardness Tester Industrial X-Ray machine and Digital Radiographic
Equipments, Radio Scopic Systems

Industrial X-Ray Films, Chemicals, Diigital X-Ray Systems Film processing Equipments X-ray Film Digitizers

Eddy Current Test Equipments Air Craft Wheel Inspection Units, Conductivity Meters

Video Probes and Borescopes for Remote Visual inspection

Magnetic Particle Crack Detection Systems
Hand Yokes/Inspection Accessories

Dye-Penetrant Testing Chemicals &
Magnetic Particle Suspensions

Industrial UV Lights for NDT Inspections

Instruments & Accessories for Quality Control Inspection / NDT

Tank Floor Shell & Bottom Corrosion Inspection Equipment Automatic Vessel Surface Corrosion Inspection Equipment Vaccum Boxes (Leak Testing)

Vibration Meters/Analyzers, Balancing Equipment
Laser Shaft Alignment Instruments

Coating Thickness Guages for ferrrous/non-ferrous Metals, Pin Hole Detectors,

Industrial explosion protection fieldbus and intrinsic safety barriers, signal conditioners interface solutions level measurement and purge pressurization equipment.
Ovel Wheel Flow Meters, Orifice Flow Meters,
Density Meters, Strainers, Level Measurements

Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, TDS Controls Boiler Controls, Blow Down Valves, Steam Traps

Weighing, Feeding and Screening Equipments,
Load Cells, Belt Weigh Scales, Weigh Feeders

Honeywell Valve & Spares, Positioners,
Pressure Controlled Valves & Globe.




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